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Degree Constructions Pty Limited was founded in 1998 by the Director Bob Geybi. As a result of his hard work, attention to detail and innovative vision and perseverance, Degree Constructions Pty Ltd is now one of the selective Sydney residential construction companies in the Department of Housing Development market.


With over 25 years of building experience and expertise, Degree Constructions Pty Ltd has been concentrating and specialising in working with the Department of Housing in the development of residential units, town houses, duplexes and free standing dwellings.


As a result of our involvement and experience with all stages of the development life cycle from the building design process through to residential construction, Degree Constructions Pty Ltd inspires confidence in owner occupiers, Private Corporations and Government Organisations. Always completed prior to expected delivery time and always on budget, our completed developments represent perfection and the comfort of professional after care if required.


Thoughtfully planned and resourced, each project is professionally managed and completed with the proud Degree Constructions Pty Limited stamp of approval.